With over 20 years of combined experience in capital equipment purchases for the research industry, Biomedical Sales Consultants Inc. (BSC) provides quality products and unsurpassed technical consultation in laboratory science and research equipment sales.
Buxton has been manufacturing high quality glassware washers since 1987. Their washers are American made and use all non-proprietary parts. They come available with microprocessor or electromechanical controllers and can be manufactured for cGMP applications.
Coy is a world leader in anaerobic and hypoxic chambers, PDR chambers, as well as glove boxes.
Custom Biogenic Systems (CBS) offers a wide range of liquid nitrogen freezers and dewars (manual and auto-fill) to meet the needs of academic research, biotechnology, pharmaceutical and blood bank storage. 
Lab Research Products provides refrigerators and freezers to major medical, university, biotech, pharmaceutical and government facilities throughout North and South America. LRP manufactures pharmaceutical refrigerators and freezers that are performance qualified to help satisfy a host of validation requirements. 
Powers Scientific makes a wide range of environmental chambers, including refrigerators, freezers, plant growth chambers and drosophila and protein crystallization chambers.
Tecniplast offers a diverse portfolio of equipment solutions for the vivarium industry, including individually ventilated caging (IVC's) for rodents and small animals, cage and bottle washing equipment, aquatics housing, vivarium automation, and bedding handling systems.
Wescor is the industry leader in slide strainers and osmometers, and is now emerging as a pioneer in providing diagnostic tools for cystic fibrosis sweat testing.
Next Advance manufacturers the Bullet Blender line of Homogenizers as well as platform rockers & other benchtop items.  The Bullet Blender series is an efficient and cost effective way to homogenize a wide range of samples.
Enviroflo is an industry leader in the custom design and fabrication of automation and containment enclosures. They also have a full line of acrylic enclosures for a wide variety of containment applications.
Tuttnauer is a world leader in the manufacturing of a wide varieties of steam sterilizers. They make models for laboratory, vivarium & pharmaceutical applications.
Panasonic is an industry leader in the life sciences with an innovative line of refrigerators, freezers, incubators and personalized autoclaves. Panasonic's biomedical products division integrates the latest technologies and laboratory components to develop a truly unique mix of reliable, ergonomic, and environmentally friendly products.
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MDF-U76VC and MDF-U700VXC -80
Panasonic Ultra low temperature freezers utilize patented, revolutionary vacuum insulation cabinet construction, which reduces wall thickness and achieves 30% more storage capacity than conventionally insulated freezers.
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